Old Gods and New Gods

Why are the Old Gods called the Olds Gods when the New Gods were first? Most scholars point to a bad translation from the old dwarf records from the fourth age that brought the first stories of the gods. If correct this translation would be the “First Gods” instead of the “New Gods” while the “Later Gods” would be correct for the “Old Gods”. These manuscripts may no longer exist on the surface, although several that have traveled deep in the Underdark have claimed to have seen these stories carved in caverns once used to shelter the remainders of the Thorgi Empire during the fourth retribution.

Another theory proposes that the eladrin corrupted the words during their empires in the fifth age to promote the worship of the Old Gods. The adherents of this theory believed that there was no talk of the New Gods until the Great Slave Uprising and the subsequent Time of Avatars, and therefore when the New Gods returned they were “new” although many societies had never stopped worshipping them.

Worshippers of the Old Gods have always claimed that the Old Gods were there first, and it was the New Gods usurped the Old gods from their own realm. They claim that the earth sits on the border of known creation and the Far Realm; but once it was created in the Far Realm by the Old Gods themselves. This theory obviously has no adherents outside the heretical worshippers of the Old Gods.

One final theory are from those in the wilderness that believe that the New Gods were no the original gods, but before them there were the Primortals. These beings were spawned from creation but where so chaotic that the New Gods, when they awoke, waged war to destroy them so that creation could be stable. These believers, often following the “primal” path as they call it, believe the term “Old God” is used simply because it is the opposite of “New God” as the two pantheons are in opposition.

Old Gods and New Gods

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