The Sands of Faith

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The Rosepierre Curse (Session 3)
An Undead Horde

After the sun fell below the horizon low grunts and chattering of teeth could be heard coming from the bottom of the strange ziggurat. Our valiant heroes, and Shale the rescued dwarf Paladin, readied themselves for the onslaught. Tavi had prepared some torches and tossed them on the ground to help illuminate the area, Bud light his lantern. The first zombies arrived with some zombie dogs. Tavi, Frandor, and Genghis quickly sprung into action against the first arriving horde blocking their path to Bud. Bud invoked a lighting spell that dropped several of the Zombie dogs. Genghis positioned himself around the flank of the first horde when the first zombie dogs rose from death again to continue the onslaught. Another horder of zombies and their dogs arrived from the opposite end surrounding Shale.

Another horde of zombies arrived, more powerful than the first. Some were able to hurl globes of necrotic energy, others were equipped with weapons, and another pair were surprised Genghis by descending down the edge of a pillar. Our heroes decided to retreat further down the temple to gather themselves up and fortify another area against an attack. They made their made to the stairs that descended down but a group of wall crawling zombies and zombie doges (one that refused to die no matter how many arrows they put into them) stopped their decent. After dispatching the undead that blocked their path another group of zombies and ghouls approached.

The steadfast heroes blocked the door and took a short rest before positioning themselves in the second room in the level around a corner. The horde broke down the door and rushed down the corridor but Shale, Frandor, and Tavi blocked the entrance. Genghis stayed back striking from behind with a power where he slashed the air to attack from a distance. Kongek remained behind the to pick off the zombies with arrows. Bud prepared Moradin’s full might to smite the approaching undead. As the horde fought two wall crawling zombie bypassed the wall of armored heroes and dropped to get a jump on Bud. Additionally a swarm of dismembered hands crawled on the ceiling and dropped next to both Kongek and Genghis and attacked by clawing at them. Frandor was furious and dropped back to take care of the wall crawling zombies while Kongek shouldered his bow and started to attack using a melee weapon.

Soon the heroes were starting to get overwhelmed and they started to drop back further into the temple. The undead horde had broken through the line and Kongek was near dead with hands crawling all over him. Shale fell by a combination of strikes by a swarm of hands crawling all over him and a ghoul clawing at his eyes. Tavi made a valiant effort to push his way through the horde and picked Shale up. The undead were quickly filling the room when Frandor was hit with a blast of telekinetic energy that threw him against the wall and prone against the floor. A voice transmitted to the heroes through their mind demanded a truce and safe passage to the nearest Archmage guild. Our heroes would bow to no undead requests today and ignored the request. Tavi carrying Shale made it out the door as undead quickly filled the room.

The room at the bottom of the ziggurat temple had a raised platform with a podium and several pews set up as a sort of church to whatever unknown old god lived here. Our heroes took a short rest. Tavi In particular was starting to feel close to death as he had been fighting some sort of undead that was sapping the energy from him. Shale was revived and took a deep breath before steadying himself for what could be his eternal end. The armored warriors set themselves up at the bottom of twin stairs preparing as the zombies started to batter down the doors. Kongek readied his arrows. Bud made a silent prayer to Moradin. Genghis cracked his finger knuckles. The undead broke down the doors and rushed in. The wall or Shale, Frandor, and Tavi held. One zombie that seemed to have some sort of arcane mental powers eventually made its appearance and dominated Genghis but soon after the entire force of the group came down on it. There was a brain in some sort of glass jar inside, and after a pummeling from our heroes it exploded leaving bits of brain all over the room. There were few remaining zombies, and those dropped into corpses on the ground.

Our heroes stayed readied for a moment but breathed a sigh of relief that it finally seemed over.

The Rosepierre Curse (Session 1)
Arrival at Mote Prime

Our heroes have been convinced by a shifty, but entertaining, gnome bard to undertake an epic quest to free a young noble from a family curse. The family Rosepierres, a former noble family from the Thirteen Kingdoms, disappeared sixty years ago; a few family members that were traveling on the other side of the planet were not affected, but the fortune that they had accumulated was gone. A trip was pre-booked on a galley and the heroes were off.

There was a miscommunication with the ships captain and upon arriving to Mote Prime the captain demanded payment, more than our heroes could afford. They convince the captain and his hastily assembled posse, to follow them and a crusty old dwarf to the Crusty Barnacle, where the heroes would meet Jean-Luc who was able to make a deal (with some quick bargaining by our heroes) with the captain buying two days for the heroes to gather the money. The deal involved Freda Rosepierre, Jean-Lucs twin sister, being pimped out by her brother. Jean-Luc has a plan though and with the heroes help everything will be solved.

The Rosepierres were once a great noble family known not only for their magical prowess but also their small merchant empire. Stehpen Rosepierre was one of the founding members of the archmage guild, although generations after him found themselves more distant from any organized magical organization. Their castle disappeared and rumors abound that it is a prison for the family who had become more decadent through the centuries.

Jean-Luc’s plan involves intertwines his mission for the heroes with the solution to the problem with the ship’s captain. A scroll with the means on how to break the Rosepierre’s curse has been found: four items must be found and used to bring forth the Gate of Silver Keys, which can be opened to break the curse. The items were on a ship that was hijacked by a group calling themselves “The Green Pirates”, they continue to hold the viper circled mirror, one of the items; and know where the other items were fenced. Karr, the second-in-command of the pirates wants to use the heroes to kill Greyback, the current captain of the pirate group. In exchange for 40% of the gold the heroes can keep the mirror and any other items they find and the pirates will take care of their problem with the captain. Karr provides a map noting a secret entrance into the pirate’s lair.

Using the map our heroes sneak into the lair. They confront the kennel master and slay him and his drake and wolves. While attempting to break into a storage room they set off an alarm, but find a magical amulet. Our heroes then attempt to cross a bridge across an underground river, they slay a group of lizard-folk. The battle started with the halfling fighter being knocked into the water. Dust, the party’s shaman, took a good brunt of the damage but ultimately the heroes prevailed. According to Karr after crossing the bridge is the pirate’s common area where Greyback can be found…

Tavi Ramspeak -- Bio

Tavi Ramspeak was raised in the Central Peaks. As the smallest of his pack (at a mere 6’7”), he compensated with being overly competitive, excelling at long distance running and wrestling. Tavi was closest with his one of his tribesmate, Vidik Longstrider, and they shared a friendship with - and unspoken, somewhat nascent, pre-romantic triangle with - the tribal leader’s favorite neice, Nuala Skywatcher. Tavi (wrestling), Vidik (running) and Nuala (archery), although Tavi continued to lag behind in archery. Tavi did not take to archery, but once he happened upon a handcrossbow, he realized he had comparative skill with the weapon and it suited his close combat fighting and hunting styles.

On the way back from the tribal competition, Tavi and his friends were separated from the remainder of the tribe when a wild, unnatural storm hit the mountain pass they were traversing. None of the tribe had seen a storm of its ilk before, and when the dust settled, Tavi, Vidik and Nuala were separated from each other. After some searching, Tavi found Vidik and they both found Nuala’s bow and scraps of clothing near a crevice. Though both searched down into the crevice, they could not find any sign of Nuala. Although it made no sense, Vidik was physically scarred by storm and emotionally scarred by the experience. As their search proceeded, Vidik lashed out at Tavi, blaming him for failing to keep Nuala safe. Upon meeting back up with the remainder of the tribe, Nuala’s uncle banished Tavi from the tribe.

Although he felt wrongly blamed, Tavi was equally distraught by the loss of Nuala. He left his tribe and climbed further and further into the unexplored regions of the Central Peaks. During another wild, unnatural storm, Tavi reached exhaustion, lodged himself between two boulders and passed out. Waking covered in snow, Tavi felt different…more connected to the primal powers of nature, drawn to and powered by the earth. As Tavi continued through the peaks, he felt the primal power surging inside of him and his warden powers awaken.

After a couple of seasons on his own in the peaks, Tavi moved into lower climates to explore his connection with different aspects of nature and the environment. Tavi also found a reconnection with the sense of tribal community he had left through advernturing with different parties. Tavi continues to seek exploration of the world, nature and the environment to build his connection to the primal power, but prefers to do so with groups of other adventurers as his social personality reasserts itself. His competitive nature drives him to complete quests and, although banished from his tribe, he holds out hope that his accomplishments will nonetheless bring honor to his tribe.

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