Shale Silverblood


Shale is a paladin of Moradin and is also know as a collector of fine weapons. He is the owner of the Sword of Orem, an artifact sought after by the heroes. After hearing rumors from some dwarf sailors about an undead infestation in the three fingers he went to investigate with some others. Our illustrious heroes followed to try and obtain the sword; but when they arrived right before sunset Shale was the sole survivor from his party. He was able to save several of the townspeople, but nightly assaults of undead have taken their toll, he was only able to survive after a blow knocked him out from the night before. He promised the sword to the heroes is they would help him fight off the undead for the night.

He fought with the heroes against waves of undead as they continually retreated deeper into the evil temple of the old gods. He once fell in this battle but Tavi rescued him. After defeating the undead he refused to go further into the temple claiming that ti was “evil” and “nothing good could come from further exploration”.

He honored his agreement and gave up the Enchanted Sword of Orem upon their return to Mote Prime.

Shale Silverblood

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