Freda Rosepierre


Freda Rosepierre the twin sister of Jean-Luc. Mostly silent but appears willing to go along with Jean-Luc’s schemes. She was pimped off to a ships captain to buy some time for our heroes to get some money to pay their passage to The Colonies. She was released after the heroes killed Greyback and the Green Pirates burned down the captain’s ship.

While the heroes were busy obtaining the Enchanted Sword of Orem she betrayed Jean-Luc and stole all his gathered money and hired a gang of gnolls to kill the heroes and steal their items. Jean-Luc claims that she wants to call Castle Rosepierre for herself and is willing to kill the heroes to do so.

It turns out that Jean-Luc was attempting to trick the heroes into killing her to keep the riches. She accompanied our heros to Castle Rosepierre where she promptly went mad. She was last seen knocked out in the castle foyer. It is unknown if she rejoined her family or not.

Freda Rosepierre

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