Jean-Luc Rosepierre


Jean-Luc Rosepierre is like a family member we all know, usually a distant cousin. He always seems to have a plan to get rich, or to get out of the absurd trouble they are in (usually involving less than savory characters). His most recent scheme involves breaking the family curse and could be profitable for our heroes. Jean-Luc may not have a moral compass, he pimped his own sister off to buy some time for the heroes so they could start on breaking the curse. Once the Rosepierres were a family of great wizards, warlocks, and sorcerers; others formed a small but powerful merchant family. Undoubtedly Jean-Luc wants to break the curse in some hope to have access to the riches his family once had, in order to gamble it away.

He was betrayed by his twin sister, Freda, who took his money and has hired a gang to gather the items needed to break the curse first. He has warned the heroes of this and continues shack up at the Barnacle. He attempted to trick the heroes into killing his twin sister, but failed when she revealed that he worshiped the Old Gods and was attempting to bring them back into the world.

His whereabouts are unknown, but it is believed that he has rejoined his family.

Jean-Luc Rosepierre

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