The Sands of Faith

The Rosepierre Curse (Session 1)

Arrival at Mote Prime

Our heroes have been convinced by a shifty, but entertaining, gnome bard to undertake an epic quest to free a young noble from a family curse. The family Rosepierres, a former noble family from the Thirteen Kingdoms, disappeared sixty years ago; a few family members that were traveling on the other side of the planet were not affected, but the fortune that they had accumulated was gone. A trip was pre-booked on a galley and the heroes were off.

There was a miscommunication with the ships captain and upon arriving to Mote Prime the captain demanded payment, more than our heroes could afford. They convince the captain and his hastily assembled posse, to follow them and a crusty old dwarf to the Crusty Barnacle, where the heroes would meet Jean-Luc who was able to make a deal (with some quick bargaining by our heroes) with the captain buying two days for the heroes to gather the money. The deal involved Freda Rosepierre, Jean-Lucs twin sister, being pimped out by her brother. Jean-Luc has a plan though and with the heroes help everything will be solved.

The Rosepierres were once a great noble family known not only for their magical prowess but also their small merchant empire. Stehpen Rosepierre was one of the founding members of the archmage guild, although generations after him found themselves more distant from any organized magical organization. Their castle disappeared and rumors abound that it is a prison for the family who had become more decadent through the centuries.

Jean-Luc’s plan involves intertwines his mission for the heroes with the solution to the problem with the ship’s captain. A scroll with the means on how to break the Rosepierre’s curse has been found: four items must be found and used to bring forth the Gate of Silver Keys, which can be opened to break the curse. The items were on a ship that was hijacked by a group calling themselves “The Green Pirates”, they continue to hold the viper circled mirror, one of the items; and know where the other items were fenced. Karr, the second-in-command of the pirates wants to use the heroes to kill Greyback, the current captain of the pirate group. In exchange for 40% of the gold the heroes can keep the mirror and any other items they find and the pirates will take care of their problem with the captain. Karr provides a map noting a secret entrance into the pirate’s lair.

Using the map our heroes sneak into the lair. They confront the kennel master and slay him and his drake and wolves. While attempting to break into a storage room they set off an alarm, but find a magical amulet. Our heroes then attempt to cross a bridge across an underground river, they slay a group of lizard-folk. The battle started with the halfling fighter being knocked into the water. Dust, the party’s shaman, took a good brunt of the damage but ultimately the heroes prevailed. According to Karr after crossing the bridge is the pirate’s common area where Greyback can be found…



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