The Sands of Faith

Tavi Ramspeak -- Bio

Tavi Ramspeak was raised in the Central Peaks. As the smallest of his pack (at a mere 6’7”), he compensated with being overly competitive, excelling at long distance running and wrestling. Tavi was closest with his one of his tribesmate, Vidik Longstrider, and they shared a friendship with - and unspoken, somewhat nascent, pre-romantic triangle with - the tribal leader’s favorite neice, Nuala Skywatcher. Tavi (wrestling), Vidik (running) and Nuala (archery), although Tavi continued to lag behind in archery. Tavi did not take to archery, but once he happened upon a handcrossbow, he realized he had comparative skill with the weapon and it suited his close combat fighting and hunting styles.

On the way back from the tribal competition, Tavi and his friends were separated from the remainder of the tribe when a wild, unnatural storm hit the mountain pass they were traversing. None of the tribe had seen a storm of its ilk before, and when the dust settled, Tavi, Vidik and Nuala were separated from each other. After some searching, Tavi found Vidik and they both found Nuala’s bow and scraps of clothing near a crevice. Though both searched down into the crevice, they could not find any sign of Nuala. Although it made no sense, Vidik was physically scarred by storm and emotionally scarred by the experience. As their search proceeded, Vidik lashed out at Tavi, blaming him for failing to keep Nuala safe. Upon meeting back up with the remainder of the tribe, Nuala’s uncle banished Tavi from the tribe.

Although he felt wrongly blamed, Tavi was equally distraught by the loss of Nuala. He left his tribe and climbed further and further into the unexplored regions of the Central Peaks. During another wild, unnatural storm, Tavi reached exhaustion, lodged himself between two boulders and passed out. Waking covered in snow, Tavi felt different…more connected to the primal powers of nature, drawn to and powered by the earth. As Tavi continued through the peaks, he felt the primal power surging inside of him and his warden powers awaken.

After a couple of seasons on his own in the peaks, Tavi moved into lower climates to explore his connection with different aspects of nature and the environment. Tavi also found a reconnection with the sense of tribal community he had left through advernturing with different parties. Tavi continues to seek exploration of the world, nature and the environment to build his connection to the primal power, but prefers to do so with groups of other adventurers as his social personality reasserts itself. His competitive nature drives him to complete quests and, although banished from his tribe, he holds out hope that his accomplishments will nonetheless bring honor to his tribe.



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